Ranking question

Ranking activities allow participants to move options into the desired order, and then submit the reordered list as one response. The responses are shown as an overall rank on a bar or column graph.

Helpful tip: Ranking activities can only be responded to through the web or the Poll Everywhere mobile app, and will only allow one response per participant.

The order of the response options appearing on participants’ screens will be randomized to avoid skewing the results by suggesting a default ranking.

Ranking activity Ranking activity

To rank the options you’ve provided, participants click an option to select it, then click the up or down arrows to rearrange the option in the ranking lineup.

Ranking activity

After you have defined the ranking lineup, Submit your response.

Responses display on the live chart with options ranked in aggregate (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Ranking activity


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