Surveys allow you to ask your participants multiple questions at once. Everyone can answer the questions privately at their own pace. They’re great for quizzes, pre- and post-training assessments, questionnaires, etc. Surveys can be activated and displayed on your response page, shared with a dedicated link, or even used during a presentation.

Helpful tip: Surveys offer great flexibility. While a survey cannot accept SMS Text responses, it is possible to present survey questions as individual activities. Doing so will allow you to set those individual questions to accept SMS Text responses. It’s your choice. Present as a multi-question survey and have participants respond to via the web (or through the Poll Everywhere mobile app), or present the questions as individual activities and allow SMS Text responses. It’s your call.

Surveys can be created two ways. The first is by creating a multi-question survey from scratch. The second is by converting a group of preexisting activities into a single, multi-question survey.

Creating a survey from scratch

Step 1: Tap the red Create button near the top left of your Polls page. (Alternately you can click the + button in the top left corner from any page in your Poll Everywhere account. Both are highlighted in the image below.)

Create survey

Step 2: Select Survey from the list of activities.

Select survey

Step 3: Give your survey a title.

Survey title

Step 4: Use the dropdown menu to select the type of activity you want to include in your survey.

Survey activity 1

Survey activity 2

Step 5: Continue the process, adding as many questions as you wish.

Step 6: When you’re ready, click the Create button to build your activity and save it to your account.

Survey create

Converting a group into a survey

Step 1: Organize your activities into a group. (See the article on creating a group of activities if you need help with this.)

Step 2: Convert your group into a survey by hovering your cursor over the group’s title bar and clicking the Convert to survey link.

Convert to Survey

Helpful tip: You can also convert a survey back into a group by clicking the Convert to group link in the survey’s title bar.

Convert to Group


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