Deleting activities

When deleting an activity, it isn’t necessarily gone for good. Activities are moved to the trash page which you can access via the Trash button in the menu on the left side of the Activities page.

Trash page

Restoring and deleting forever

Just like your computer’s trash bin, your Poll Everywhere trash page gives you the option of restoring activities or deleting them forever. Check the box of the activity you want to restore or delete, then select the appropriate button at the top.

When you Restore an activity it reappears in your “Default” activities. Selecting Delete forever permanently deletes the activity from our database.

Trash page

Helpful tips

When deleting an entire competition, it goes to the Trash page like any other activity. Individual questions within a competition do not go to the trash page. They are permanently deleted. If a question doesn’t have any responses, then it will simply be permanently deleted. If a question has responses, you will see a warning box asking you to confirm that you want to permanently delete the question and all responses.

Trash page

Individual questions deleted from a Survey go to the Trash page regardless of whether they have any responses. If you restore the question, it will appear in the “Default” list just like any other activity.


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