Legacy - Importing students from Blackboard, Brightspace, or Canvas

Important note: The LMS instructions in this article detail legacy methods of connecting Poll Everywhere to an LMS. This integrations will be deprecated January 2021. We encourage all LMS admins and users to changeover to use the new LTI Advantage standard as soon as it is convenient to do so.

Instructors can import their course rosters from their school’s LMS into Poll Everywhere. This automatically registers each student as a Poll Everywhere participant. Registering students with Poll Everywhere lets educators easily identify how students responded to their polls.

Follow the steps below to import students from Blackboard, Brightspace, and Canvas:

Step 1: Log in to your account, go to polleverywhere.com/participants and select Add participants.

Import students 01

Step 2: Click Connect to LMS.

Import students 02

Step 3: Select the LMS you want to import from and follow the on-screen instructions.

Import students 03

Helpful tip: In the future, anytime you want to import participants or resync them, you can do so through polleverywhere.com/participants under this LMS button. Re-importing will not overwrite previously imported students. It will simply add students which were not yet in your Poll Everywhere account.

Step 4: Select the course rosters you want to import and click the Continue button.

Import students 04

Helpful tip: This will create participant accounts for any of your students who do not already have one. It will also automatically create participant groups by course in your Poll Everywhere account in the right-side panel of your participants page. Students who already have accounts established will not be affected, they will simply be organized into the correct participant group. Please be sure to import all of your students from your LMS, even those you may have previously imported. This may take a few minutes.

Bonus tip: Student accounts reside at the institution account level, not instructor level. Just as there are students at your institution which aren’t in your classes, so you may see students in the participant list which are unknown to you. Unlike students, participant groups are specific to the instructor. They help you organize the students that are relevant to you. If you are using participant groups with the LMS integration, then your groups will mirror your class sections.

Step 4: Students will receive an auto-generated email providing them a link to create a new password and log in.


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