Legacy - Importing students from Sakai

Important note: The LMS instructions in this article detail legacy methods of connecting Poll Everywhere to an LMS. This integrations will be deprecated January 2021. We encourage all LMS admins and users to changeover to use the new LTI Advantage standard as soon as it is convenient to do so.

Instructors can import their course rosters from their school’s LMS into Poll Everywhere. This automatically registers each student as a Poll Everywhere participant. Registering students with Poll Everywhere lets educators easily identify how students responded to their polls.

Follow the steps below to import students from Sakai:

Step 1: In Sakai, navigate to the course you would like to use with Poll Everywhere.

Step 2: Click Site Info and select the Manage Tools tab.

Step 3: Add the Poll Everywhere Porter from the Plugin List then click Continue on this and the next two pages.

Import Sakai 03

Step 4: Click the Site Info button again and select the Tool Order tab.

Step 5: Click the gear icon next to the Poll Everywhere Porter tool, select Make Tool Invisible to Students from the drop down menu, then click the Save button.

Import Sakai 05

Step 6: Click the Poll Everywhere link in the course to open the Poll Everywhere tool. On the LMS Import/Export page, click the red Import Roster button and Poll Everywhere will import the student roster for the selected Moodle course.

Import Sakai 06

When this is done, a new Poll Everywhere account will be created for each student who did not already have one. Students will automatically receive a notification email with a link to change their password. You can edit and manage the imported students at https://www.polleverywhere.com/participants.


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