LTI Advantage guides

Learning Tools Interoperability 1.3, or LTI Advantage, is the newest standard defined by the IMS Global Learning Consortium for communicating student data between systems. This latest standard creates a consistent, secure, and agile framework that can be used across different LMS tools. Poll Everywhere is encouraging all of our LMS integration users to update to the new LTI Advantage tools before 2021, as they provide the latest practices for protecting student data and personal identifiable information.

In the following sections you will find LMS integration guides for the tools that Poll Everywhere currently supports with LTI Advantage.


LTI Advantage Canvas setup guide for Canvas administrators

LTI Advantage Canvas usage guide for educators


LTI Advantage Blackboard setup guide for Blackboard administrators

LTI Advantage Blackboard usage guide for educators

LTI Advantage Blackboard Ultra usage guide for educators


LTI Advantage Sakai setup guide for Sakai administrators

LTI Advantage Sakai usage guide for educators


LTI Advantage Moodle setup guide for Moodle administrators

LTI Advantage Moodle usage guide for educators


LTI Advantage Brightspace setup guide for Brighspace administrators

LTI Advantage Brightspace usage guide for educators


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