Export grades

Export graded Poll Everywhere responses into Moodle

Exporting grades from Poll Everywhere to Moodle saves educators time by letting them quickly record how students respond to their polls. For this feature to work properly, educators must first register their students with Poll Everywhere by following the steps outlined above in "Import students".

  1. Click on the Poll Everywhere Porter button in the course to open the Poll Everywhere tool. Doing so will open a new window and navigate you to a Poll Everywhere page. On that page, click the red Create Gradebook for exporting button.

    Create Gradebook

  2. In the new modal, select the poll questions you want to add for the gradebook report. Then click "Finish" to create your report.

    Select Polls for Gradebook

  3. Once the report is created, select the "Export" button on the bottom right of the page. This will export the Gradebook report to the selected Moodle topic. It may take several minutes to complete this report depending on your internet connect, number of responses, and number of poll questions in the Gradebook report. When it's finished, the report will appear in Moodle automatically.

    Export Report


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