Inserting activities with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides

With Poll Everywhere for Google Slides you can insert activities directly into your Google Slide presentations. From simple activities like Multiple choice and Word cloud, to Surveys and even Competitions, a few clicks will get you up and running. You can also create new activities from within the app without having to leave your presentation and log into the website. Follow the steps below to get your presentation deck set up and begin interacting with your audience.

Step 1: Open a Google Slides presentation.

Google Slides 1

Step 2: Click the Poll Everywhere tab in the taskbar.

Google Slides 2

Step 3: Select login from the Poll Everywhere menu. (If you are already logged in, skip to Step 5 below.)

Google Slides 3

Step 4: Log in or sign up for a new account.

Google Slides 4

Step 5: Once you are logged in, again click the Poll Everywhere tab, hover over the Insert option, then select Poll from the menu.

Google Slides Activities 5

Step 6: Select the activities you want to insert by clicking the checkboxes then tap the “Insert activities” button in the bottom right. Alternately, you can create a new activity by clicking “New” button in the top left corner of the Select polls window.

Helpful tip: If you want to use the activity flows feature on a multiple choice question, tap the Insert as… button. Check out the Activity flows article for more information about this feature.

Google Slides Activities 6a

A message appears telling you your polls are inserting.

Google Slides Activities 6b

After all the activities you selected have been inserted, slides with mockups of your activities appear in the deck. This placeholder slide is indicated by blue marks in the corners that tell the system where to display your activity. The mockup may not show the latest changes if you edited the activity recently. Do not be alarmed. You are now ready to present.

Google Slides Activities 6c

More useful tips

Be logged in

Make sure you are logged into the Poll Everywhere for Google app with the same account the activity was created under.

Arranging the presentation

Activity slides will fill the whole screen. For that reason, it’s best to not put anything else on the slide.

Tips on using competitions

When inserting a competition into your Google Slides presentation, the app will insert the competition welcome slide and a slide for each phase of every question (Question, Answer options, Responses, and Leaderboard). For example, if you have a four question competition, the app will insert 17 slides: Four for each question and one title slide.

Helpful tip: While you can drag and drop competitions slides to rearrange your questions, it is recommended you rearrange them via the web before inserting them into your presentation. If you must adjust the order in your presentation (e.g. you lack the time to adjust them on the web and reinsert the competition), be sure to keep all the phases for each question together and in the same order or things might get really confusing.

PollEv insert competition

Tips on using surveys

The placeholder slide for a survey looks a little different. It still has the blue marks in the corners but the slide itself contains only the survey title and instructions to respond. Otherwise it’s blank.

PollEv insert survey

While presenting a survey, rather than showing responses to individual questions, the slide will update showing audience members progress through the survey.

PollEv insert survey

For more information using Google Slides for live audience interaction, check out the article on presenting your activities with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides.

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