Inserting a screenshot with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides

You can display the results of completed activities in your presentation. The steps below will walk you through the process of inserting an image of a completed activity into your presentation.

Step 1. Open a Google Slides presentation.

Google Slides 1

Step 2. Click the Poll Everywhere tab in the taskbar.

Google Slides 2

Step 3. Select login from the Poll Everywhere menu. (If you are already logged in, skip to Step 5 below.)

Google Slides 3

Step 4. Log in or sign up for a new account.

Google Slides 4

Step 5. Once you are logged in, again click the Poll Everywhere tab, hover over the Insert option, then select “Screenshot" from the menu.

Google Slides 5a

Step 6. Select the activity you want to insert a screenshot of by clicking the checkbox, then tap the "Insert screenshot" button in the bottom right.

Google Slides 6a

An image of the completed activity with all results will be inserted into the presentation deck.

Google Slides 7a


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