Inserting activities with Poll Everywhere for MacOS

With Poll Everywhere for MacOS you can insert activities directly into both PowerPoint and Keynote. You can also create new activities from within the app without having to leave your presentation and log into the website. Follow the steps below to get your presentation deck set up and begin interacting with your audience.

Inserting activities

Step 1: Open a new or existing slide presentation in either PowerPoint or Keynote.

Step 2: Open the Poll Everywhere for MacOS app (if you followed the steps in the install article, it can be found in your Applications folder). The Poll Everywhere icon appears in your doc when the application is running.

Helpful tip: The Poll Everywhere for MacOS app opens in its own window, separate from PowerPoint or Keynote. You will not see a Poll Everywhere tab in your presentation app.

PollEv Presenter in the dock

Step 3: If you are not already logged in, the Log in window will appear. Enter your Poll Everywhere account credentials and click Log in.

PollEv Presenter login

Step 4: In the Poll Everywhere app window, select the activities you want to insert by clicking the checkboxes then tap the Insert button in the bottom right.

PollEv Presenter insert

After all the activities you selected have been inserted, slides with mockups of your activities appear in the deck. Each activity has its own slide. This placeholder slide is indicated by blue marks in the corners that tell the system where to display your activity.

Helpful tip: The placeholder image is basically a screenshot of your activity at the moment you insert it into the presentation. It will not change if you later edit the activity. That’s okay. The activity will display correctly when you navigate to the slide during your presentation.

PollEv Presenter placeholder

Important Note: The notes section for each activity slide contains the title and a link to your question that needs to stay intact for the activities to function correctly. Do not delete it. You may add information to the notes below the link if needed.

Step 5: Switch to Slide Show/Presentation mode to review your slides.

Keynote: Click the Play button in the toolbar to enter Slide Show/Presentation mode.

PollEv Keynote Play Slide Show

PowerPoint: Select the Slide Show tab, then click either Play from Start or Play from Current Slide.

PollEv Mac PPT play slide show

Alternately, you can also click the Play Slide Show button in the bottom right area of the PowerPoint window.

PollEv Mac PPT play slide show

Your activities will now load and activate from within your presentation. Whichever question is displayed will be automatically activated and able to receive responses.

PollEv Presenter fullsctreen

More useful tips

Be logged in

Make sure the app is running, and that you are logged in as the poll owner.

Arranging the presentation

Activity slides can be dragged between slides or into other presentations, just like any normal Keynote or PowerPoint slide. Resizing the grey placeholder image will indicate where an activity should load on screen.

Please email if you run into any issues.


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