Creating activities on mobile devices

The Poll Everywhere mobile app provides you a convenient way to create and manage activities on the go. If you need help installing the mobile app, visit the Installing Poll Everywhere mobile app article.

Create activities

Step 1: Open the Poll Everywhere app and tap the menu icon.

Create activity on mobile 1

Step 2: Tap Create activity.

Create activity on mobile 1

Step 3: Select the activity type you want to create.

Helpful Tip: For more information on creating activities and the different activity types, visit the main Creating an activity help article.

Create activity on mobile 1

Step 4: Create your activity then tap the Create button.

Create mobile 1

Participants can now respond to your activity on your Poll Everywhere response page ([username]).

Helpful tip: New activities created on the mobile app are activated by default. Tap the Activate button in the top left to deactivate the question if you don’t want it to go live just yet.

Auto active mobile 1

Congratulations! You are now free to move about the stage.


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