Moderating from the mobile app

Moderation is a powerful tool. It allows you to ask open ended questions, brainstorm, etc. without having to worry about anything embarrassing or inappropriate showing up on screen. The Poll Everywhere mobile presenter app untethers you from your computer allowing you to control interaction from your mobile device.

Helpful tip: Activation and other presentation settings need to be controlled on a different device to moderate from the mobile app.

Moderate with the mobile app

On your mobile device, open the activity you’d like to moderate. If your plan allows moderation then you’ll see a Moderate button in the toolbar. Tap Moderate to enable moderation.

Moderation on mobile: step 1

Use the toggle buttons to select which responses to show or hide. We hide all responses by default when moderation is enabled.

Moderation on mobile: step 2

Approved responses will appear on live chart on your response page.

Moderation on mobile: step 3


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