My activities on mobile

With the Poll Everywhere mobile app you have access to all your activities. If you’re presenting from the web, you can even open and close activities for response, toggle the live chart, archive responses, etc.

To access your activities, tap the Menu icon, then select My activities from the list.

My activities on mobile 1

A list of your groups appears with the number of activities inside that group appearing to the right. Tap on a group to open it up and reveal a list of activities within the group.

My activities on mobile 2 My activities on mobile 3

Tap an activity to open it. The toolbar across the top allows you to activate/deactivate the poll, archive, lock, hide/show the live chart, toggle the correct answer, and navigate to the previous or next activity in the group.

My activities on mobile 4

The group and activity list screens also gives you the option to create a new poll or use the remote feature. Check out the respective articles for more information about those topics.

My activities on mobile 5 My activities on mobile 6


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