Participating with Poll Everywhere Mobile Apps

The Poll Everywhere mobile app gives you a great way to participate in Poll Everywhere activities shared by a presenter. The mobile app can be used to respond to every Poll Everywhere activity type.

Joining & Responding

To respond to an activity you need to join an active presentation. Open the mobile app on your device, enter the presenters username (this will be displayed on the presentation slide) and tap the Join button. You can now respond to the currently active question or survey.

Join a presentation Respond to a presentation

If the presenter hasn’t activated the question or survey yet you’ll see a screen letting you know you’re ready to do and the screen will update automatically.

Waiting for a presentation

Helpful tip: The last three sessions you’ve joined using your mobile device will appear below the join bar. You can quickly join sessions by those presenters by tapping their username in the list.

Rejoin a presenter

Responding to surveys

Responding to surveys works much the same on the mobile app as it does on a web browser. The survey will appear in your app once the presenter has activated it. Depending on how the presenter has configured the survey, you will either answer each question individually and tap the Next button, or scroll through the entire survey answering questions as you go. Either way, once you’re done, tap the Submit survey button to complete the activity and submit your responses.

Respond to a survey 1 Respond to a survey 2

Respond by keyword

A presenter may choose to have participants respond to a question with a unique keyword rather than have them join a presentation. If the presenter has set up a question to be responded to via keyword, tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select Respond by keyword in the drop down menu.

Respond by keyword Respond by keyword

On the response screen, enter the keyword then tap the Submit response button.

Submit keyword


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