Inserting activities with Poll Everywhere for Office 365

With Poll Everywhere for Office 365 you can insert activities directly into PowerPoint. You can also create new activities from within the app without having to leave your presentation and log into the website. Follow the steps below to get your presentation deck set up and begin interacting with your audience.

Inserting activities

Step 1: Open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation and create a blank slide.

Step 2: Click My Add-ins then select Poll Everywhere.

Insert Activities in Office 365: Step 2

Step 3: If you are not yet logged in, sign in using your Poll Everywhere credentials. (If you do not yet have a Poll Everywhere account, the Log in window has a tab where you can sign up for a free account.)

Insert Activities in Office 365: Step 3

Step 4: Select the activity you want to insert by clicking the activity’s title.

Insert Activities in Office 365: Step 4

The activity is inserted into the blank slide you created.

Insert Activities in Office 365: Step 4

Helpful tip: Activities will be inserted into whatever slide has the focus. To add more activities, create a new blank slide and repeat the process.

Step 5: Once you’re done inserting activities, switch to Slide Show/Presentation mode to test it out. You can do this three different ways:

  • Press the F5 key on your keyboard (fn+F5 on a Mac).
  • Select the From Beginning button on the Slide Show tab.
  • Click the Play Slide Show command at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.

Your activities will now load and activate from within your presentation. Whichever question is displayed will be automatically activated and able to receive responses.

Insert Activities in Office 365: Step 5

More useful tips

Creating new activities

You can create new activities from within PowerPoint by selecting +New in the top right corner of the activity selection window. Check out the article on creating new activities for more information.

Arranging the presentation

Activity slides can be dragged between slides or into other presentations, just like any normal PowerPoint slide.

Please email if you run into any issues.


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