Presenting with Poll Everywhere for Office 365

Poll Everywhere offers an Office 365 add-in on the Office Store. However, if you are presenting from a laptop or a desktop computer, it’s best to use the standalone Poll Everywhere presentation app for Windows or Mac.

If you need to present from a tablet, the Poll Everywhere for Office 365 add-in is a great secondary option.

The following articles will help you get up and running:

When presenting with Poll Everywhere for Office 365, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Install the app

Poll Everywhere for Office 365 must be installed on the device you plan to present from.

If you plan to present from a device other than the one you created the presentation on, make sure it has Poll Everywhere for Office 365 installed as well.

Log in

You must be logged into your account using Poll Everywhere for Office 365.

While this isn’t usually an issue when using your own device, it does come up when presenting from someone else’s.


Activities are only activated and displayed while in presentation mode.

An activity will remain inactive and unavailable for response until you navigate to that slide during your presentation. Once you do, the live activity will be displayed and and ready to receive responses.


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