Clearing your activities within Poll Everywhere for Windows

After presenting Poll Everywhere activities you can clear the responses from within PowerPoint without having to switch to the web. You have the option to clear individual polls from the poll slide in individual mode or from the Poll Everywhere tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, or you can clear all the polls in your presentation from the PowerPoint ribbon.

Clearing your activities in Presentation mode.

In Presentation mode, you can clear your polls just like you can on the web. Check out the clear responses article for more information about using this feature.

Clearing your activities from the PowerPoint ribbon

To do this, go to the Poll Everywhere ribbon tab, and click the Clear Responses button.

Clear responses button

By default, the Clear Responses button will clear all of the activities in your PowerPoint presentation, but you can also click the arrow at the bottom of the Clear Responses button to clear the invidual activity that is currently in focus in PowerPoint.


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