Convert clicker-ready slides into Poll Everywhere activities

Curriculum publishers are increasingly providing audience response system ready slides. You can convert “clicker-ready” or Turning Point slides into Poll Everywhere activities. Slides will be converted into either a Multiple choice or Open-ended activity depending on how the slide is set up.

Before starting, make sure you have installed and are logged into the Poll Everywhere for Windows PowerPoint app. Click here to get the app if you don’t already have it.

Step 1: Create a new slide or open a pre-existing slide with the Title and Content format.

If you are converting a pre-existing, clicker-ready, slide from a publisher or other resource, skip to Step 3.

Convert to poll Step 1

Step 2: Create the slide content. Here are some tips:

  • The Title section will become the activity title.
  • For a Multiple choice activity, create a bulleted list in the Content section. Each new bullet point will be a new answer choice. If you leave the Content section blank, the system will create an Open-ended activity upon conversion.

Step 3: Once the slide you wish to convert is set up correctly, select the thumbnail image of the slide in the preview window on the left side of PowerPoint.

Convert to poll Step 3

Note: Any question types that are not multiple choice or short answer will be converted into Multiple choice or Open-ended activities.

Step 4: Click the Poll Everywhere tab in the taskbar then select the Convert to poll button. You will need to go through and convert each slide one at a time. This will to allow you to make any necessary edits or changes.

Convert to poll Step 4

Step 5: In the Convert to poll window, make any necessary changes and mark a correct answer if desired, then click the Insert button.

Convert to poll Step 5

The existing PowerPoint slide is hidden and a new activity slide appears in its place.

Convert to poll Step 5

After you have converted all the slides to Poll Everywhere activities, your slide deck is ready for presentation.

Helpful tip: When you convert a clicker-ready slide into a Poll Everywhere activity and insert it into your presentation, the activity is also added to your Poll Everywhere profile. You’ll find it in the Activity list on your My Polls page.


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