Inserting instructions slides with Poll Everywhere for Windows

With the Poll Everywhere for Windows app, you can insert an instruction slide into your deck which shows your audience how to join your presentation. This is a really handy, graphical tool which helps your participants get quickly up and running.

Step 1: Open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Navigate to Poll Everywhere > Insert then select Instructions….

Select website image

Step 3: The Poll Everywhere app shows you what the instruction slide will look like. The specific instructions depend on your activity response settings. If your activities permit both web and SMS text responses, your participants will see both sets of instructions. If, however, you only allow one type of response, those are the only instructions that will be seen.

Click the Insert button in the bottom right corner.

Paste the URL

A placeholder slide is inserted into the presentation slide deck. Unlike activities, the placeholder image is not a screenshot of the slide to be presented. This placeholder slide still contains markers in the corners that tell the system where to display the web page. You are now ready to present.

Website placeholder

Important Note: As with activities, the notes section of an inserted instructions slide contains the title and a link to the website. These need to stay intact for the slide to function correctly. Do not delete it. You may add information to the notes below the link if needed.


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