Inserting a web page or video with Poll Everywhere for Windows

The Poll Everywhere for Windows app lets you insert not only activities, you can also embed web pages and videos directly into your presentations. This can be useful for displaying tutorial videos, live dashboards, streaming video chats, etc.

The following steps will get you presenting live web pages and videos quickly:

Step 1: Open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: Navigate to Poll Everywhere > Insert then select Video… or Web page… from the dropdown list.

Select website image

Step 3: Enter the address of the web page or video you want to insert into your presentation and click the Insert button.

Paste the URL

A placeholder slide is inserted into the presentation slide deck. Unlike activities, the placeholder image is not a screenshot of the web page to be presented. This placeholder slide still contains blue marks in the corners that tell the system where to display the web page. You are now ready to present.

Website placeholder

Important Note: As with activities, the notes section of an inserted web page slide contains the title and a link to the website. These need to stay intact for the slide to function correctly. Do not delete it. You may add information to the notes below the link if needed. You’ll notice the slide title in the notes section says LiveSlides. Liveslides was a sister app, built by Poll Everywhere, which has been folded into the Poll Everywhere presentation app.


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