Inserting activities using the Poll Everywhere Beta activity manager

You can present activities within presentation slides like PowerPoint. This gives your audience a more streamlined presentation because you don’t have to switch back and forth between your presentation app and Poll Everywhere.

Note: Before you can insert an activity into a slide presentation, you must install the Poll Everywhere app on the computer you’re using for the presentation. You can find the installation steps here.

  1. Open PowerPoint for Windows.

  2. Click the Poll Everywhere tab.

  3. Make sure you are logged in to Poll Everywhere within the app. This is especially important if you have installed Poll Everywhere on a different computer (i.e., different than the computer you use on a day-to-day basis).

    Helpful Tip: If you can see the Log In button, click on it to log in:

    Check log in button to log into Poll Everywhere ribbon

    Helpful Tip: After you log in, you’ll see your username instead of “Log in.”

    If username shows in ribbon login is confirmed

  4. Click on the slide where you want to insert an activity. The activity will get inserted after the slide you select.

    Helpful Tip: The slide gets inserted after the slide you have selected.

  5. From the Poll Everywhere tab, select Insert > Activity.

    From Poll Everywhere tab, insert, activity

  6. On the Activities tab, select the folder that contains the activity to insert.

  7. In the folder, select the checkbox to the left of the activity you want to insert.

    Select checkbox to left of activity

    Helpful Tip: You can select more than one activity to insert at a time.

  8. Select “Insert slides” at the top of the screen.

    Select insert slides button

Poll Everywhere lets you know the activity was inserted:

Activity successfully inserted

You can now see the inserted activity in your presentation app:

Inserted activity appears in left of slidedeck

How activities are represented on slides

A few things to know when working with activities in presentation apps:

  • When an activity is first inserted, it’s represented on a slide as a placeholder image. If you edit your activity, you can update the image. Click the Poll Everywhere tab and select Sync > Current (or All).

  • Each activity has its own slide. Competitions and survey look a bit different, and you can find some tips on using them further down in this article.

  • Within PowerPoint and Keynote, you can resize and reposition the activity on the slide using the grey squares at the corners. You can also drag activity slides between slides or into other presentations, just like any normal PowerPoint slide.

  • An activity is not enabled until you switch to slide presentation mode. See more on this below…

Enabling an activity in a presentation

An activity remains locked and unavailable for response until you navigate to that slide during the presentation. At that point, the live activity is displayed, unlocked, and ready to receive responses.

The activity remains active until you present a new activity in the presentation. At this point, the previous activity deactivates and the new one becomes available for participant responses.

Note: The notes section for each activity slide contains the title and a link to your question. This must stay intact for the activities to function correctly. Do not delete it. You may add information to the notes below the link if needed.

Tips on using competitions

When inserting a competition into your PowerPoint presentation, the app will insert the competition welcome slide and a slide for each phase of every question (Question, Answers, Responses, and Leaderboard). For example, if you have a four-question competition, the app inserts 17 slides: Four for each question and one title slide.

Helpful Tip: While you can drag and drop competitions slides to rearrange your questions, it is recommended you do this via the web before inserting them into your presentation. If you must adjust the order in your presentation (e.g. lack the time to adjust them on the web and reinsert the competition), be sure to keep all the phases for each question together and in the same order or things might get really confusing.

Tips on using surveys

The placeholder slide for a survey looks a little different. It still has the placeholder blocks in the corners, but the slide itself contains only the survey title and instructions to respond. Otherwise it’s blank.

While presenting a survey, rather than showing responses to individual questions, the slide will update showing audience members progress through the survey.


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