Hide correct response history

You have the option to hide correct responses in participants’ response history. This can be helpful if you plan to reuse graded polls for multiple classes or presentations.

To hide the correct response from the audience, click your username at the far right of the navigation bar from My Polls. In the resulting drop-down menu, click “Settings.” On the settings page, click the “Poll settings” tab.

Beneath “When should correct responses be visible to participants?” you’ll see a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Never
  • Immediately
  • 3 hours after response
  • 1 week after response
  • 30 days after response

Select the appropriate item, then click “Save” to apply your changes. Changes will take effect immediately. Note that if you select “Never,” response history will be hidden for all existing and future polls. All other options will apply only to future polls.


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