Resize an activity in the Poll Everywhere Presentation apps

You can display an activity slide within your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation using the PollEv Presenter apps. When you first insert the activity, it will cover one entire slide. Resize the activity just as you would any other Powerpoint and Keynote asset (like an image):

  1. First, insert your activity. On Windows, select “Poll Everywhere” in the ribbon menu, then “Insert Poll.” On Mac, select the Poll Everywhere menu bar icon, then select “Insert.” Your activity will be displayed as a slide in PowerPoint or Keynote, and will display a preview of the activity.

  2. To resize the activity, click anywhere on the activity slide. Small squares will appear around the activity border. Select any one of those squares, then drag to resize the activity. Make sure all four corners of the activity are still visible.

    Resized poll slide in Powerpoint

  3. In the resulting empty space, you can now insert other content.

  4. When you are ready to show your slides, click the “Start Slide Show” icon. When you advance to an activity slide, your activity content will be displayed automatically.

Note: This will not work if you are using the Force monitor selection tool on Mac.


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