Activation is a very important concept for presenters. When you activate an activity that allows web responses, the system will publish the poll or survey to your response page (i.e., so participants can respond. Activating a multiple choice or open ended poll with Presenter Session and text messaging enabled readies the poll to accept text message responses.

Note: A presenter can only have one active poll or survey at a time. This is how the presenter specifies which poll or survey is accepting responses at that moment in time.

Activating an activity slide

The easiest way to activate a poll or survey is by displaying the activity in fullscreen mode. You can read more in the section about presenting from the web.

You can also click the Activate icon on the poll slide. The activation icon looks like a smart phone sending out messages.

Activating a poll from the poll slide

Survey progress slides can also be activated using fullscreen mode or the activation icon.

Activating a Survey from the survey slide

You can toggle activation off by clicking the activation icon on an active poll or survey. Exiting out of fullscreen mode will not automatically deactivate the activity.

Activating an activity from your My Polls page

To activate a poll or survey from the My Polls page, click the Activate icon located to the right side of the poll’s title bar. You will see the active poll or survey highlighted in green on your My Polls page.

Activating a poll on My Polls

Surveys can also be activated from the My Polls page. Activating a survey will show the survey name and all of the polls contained within highlighted in green.

Activating a Survey on My Polls


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