Activity Flows

Present your multiple choice activities untethered. With the Activity flow feature you don’t have to interact with the tools on the activity slide during your presentation to reveal the response chart or correct answer. When inserting activities using the Poll Everywhere app for Windows, macOS, or Google Slides, choose the flow you want to use, then advance through your slides as you would with your other content.

Activity flow types

When inserting multiple choice activities into your presentation you’ll have the option of using the default mode or the new Activity flow. There are two types of activity flow: Instructor and Engagement.

Default: This is the activity slide you’re already familiar with. The system will insert one slide into your presentation which you’ll be able to interact with via the slide tools as per usual.

Instructor flow: If you’ve designated at least one correct answer for the activity, then you’ll be able to choose the Instructor flow. The system will insert three slides: Instructions slide, Results slide (responses are locked when you navigate to this slide), and Correctness slide (revealing the correct answer to the class).

Instructor Flow

Engagement flow: If no correct answer has been set, you’ll have the option to select the Engagement flow. The system will insert three slides: Instructions slide, Results slide, and Locked slide.

Instructor Flow

Inserting activity flows

Step 1: Open your presentation.

Step 2: In Windows or for Google Slides, click the Poll Everywhere tab in the taskbar. On a Mac, open the Poll Everywhere for MacOS app and skip to Step 4.

Activity Flow 2

Step 3: Hover over the Insert option, then select Insert from the menu.

Activity Flow 3

Step 4: Select the activity you want to insert by clicking the checkbox then click the Insert slides button.

Helpful tip: Activity flow is only available for Multiple choice activities.

Activity Flow 4

Step 5: Select a single Multiple Choice activity you want to insert, then click the Insert slides button.

Activity Flow 5

Activity flow placeholder slides, indicated by blue marks in the corners, appear in the deck.

Activity Flow 5

Useful tips

Arranging the presentation

If you drag and drop activity flow slides to rearrange your questions, be sure to keep all the slides for each question together and in the same order or things might get really confusing.

Hover buttons

Even though it is not necessary to interact with the hover button slide tools to reveal the response chart or correct answer, these buttons are still available and will appear if you hover your mouse over the right side of your slide.


The Activity flow feature does not yet play well with the Timer. Currently the Timer appears on every flow slide and begins to count down as soon as the first slide is shown. When time runs out, the activity locks regardless of which slide you are on (overriding the ordinary sequence in the activity flow). When the activity is locked, the timer will not start again on the subsequent slides of the same activity.


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