Instructions view

Instructions view allows you to accept responses on an active question without showing the live incoming responses to your audience. This is useful for graded polls, sensitive questions, and avoiding groupthink.

Toggle between instructions view and results view

Enable instructions view by clicking the hide/show chart button (the one that looks like a crossed-out eye) on the right side of the activity display.

Instructions view

You can freely toggle between instructions view and results view using the hide/show chart button while presenting. This allows you to show the instructions, then wait to reveal the results when you’re ready.

The buttons on the right disappear while presenting in fullscreen mode, but you can bring them back by hovering your cursor over the upper right side of your activity slide.

While in fullscreen mode, the number of responses to your activity is displayed in the bottom right of the slide as “total results.” This helps you track the progress of the activity when the responses are not visible.

Note: The Q&A activity does not have an instructions view. Once your audience submits their responses, those responses are displayed right away and there is no option to use the hide/show chart.

Add an instructions view image

On multiple choice activities you can add an image to the instructions view. The image will be displayed on your response page and on the active slide when instructions view is toggled on. To add an instructions view image, open up the Visual Settings using the paintbrush icon, expand the sub-menu for Instructions view settings, then chose an image. You will be able to upload an image from your computer, use a URL, or a Flickr Search.

Instructions view add an image

Once you’ve selected an image, you will see it on the activity slide when you are in instructions view.

Instructions view image

The image will also be displayed on the response page at all times for this poll.

Instructions view image response page


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