Presenting from the web

Poll Everywhere works best when visualizations are displayed on a projector or large screen in front of a live audience. The quickest way to display a poll to a large audience is directly from the website in fullscreen mode. This hides all other settings and browser buttons so that only the current activity displays on the screen. Presenting your poll or survey in fullscreen mode will automatically activate the activity.

To display a poll in fullscreen mode:

Step 1. Select an activity from the Activities page by clicking the title.

Step 2. Click the fullscreen icon on the right to enter fullscreen mode.

Presenting on the web using Fullscreen icon

Helpful tip: The activity slide buttons will fade to the background when you are presenting in fullscreen mode. Move your cursor to the upper right corner of the slide to bring them back up

Step 3. You can move between the activities in this group using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the navigation buttons at the bottom right of the slide.

Presenting from the web nav buttons

Step 4. To exit fullscreen mode, click the fullscreen icon again or press the escape key on your keyboard.


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