Countdown timer

You can set a timer on a poll to limit the time participants have to respond. The timer will only appear on the poll chart if it is set, or if you hover your mouse over the bottom left corner of the poll chart. To set the timer, hover over the bottom left corner of a poll, click the timer field, and enter how long you’d like your poll to remain open in minutes and seconds.

Timer: step 1

The timer will begin to count down when you activate the poll. The timer will turn red as the poll nears its close. When the timer hits zero, the poll will automatically lock. When the poll locks, the audience can still see the poll on your presenter page, but no more responses will be accepted for that poll.

You can disable the timer by clicking the small X within the icon. You can pause the timer by clicking the pause button within the icon.

If you are presenting from the web in fullscreen mode, you can use hotkeys to control the timer on your poll. Press ‘R’ on your keyboard to stop and reset the timer. Press ‘T’ to restart the timer.


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