Creating a report

You can generate reports in two ways.

From your Activities page

Check the boxes to the left of the activities you’d like to include in the report, then click the gray Report action button at the top of the page. On the next screen select the report type you wish to generate. The report will automatically be created.

Reporting from the Activities page

From the Reports page

Go to the Reports tab at the top of your Activities page, then select the Create a new report button.

Reporting from the Reports page

On the next screen select the report type you wish to generate. Select the activities you wish to include in your report, then click the Finish button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Create a report

Changing report types

If you want, you can change the report type. Say you generated an executive report, then decide you really wanted a response pivot table. If you click the Change report type… button in the top right of the generated report, you’ll be able to select a different report type.

Helpful tip: Remember, if your report contains any anonymous activities, you will only be able to use the executive summary report.

Change a report type

For a description of the different report types, visit the Introduction to Reporting article.


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