Download a screenshot of a poll

If you need to present the results of your poll without being connected to the internet, or if you would like static images instead of live poll results, you can generate a screenshot of the poll. Then you can insert it into your slide deck as a finished image of the results, rather than showing placeholder slides when you print your deck.

There are two ways to get a screenshot of your poll. The first way allows you to screenshot one poll at a time, and the other way allows you to screenshot up to ten polls at once.

1) On your My Polls page, click the title of the poll you want to download a screenshot of. Then click the Export icon between "Edit" and "Delete" at the bottom-right hand side of the screen. On this menu, click "Screenshot". This will generate an image of your poll results on a separate tab in your browser. You can save the screenshot as an image, and insert the image into your slide deck.

Download screenshot

2) On your My Polls page, place checkmarks next to the polls you want to download screenshots of. Click the Download button at the top of the page, and then click Screenshot. This will create a zip file of all of your selected polls, in a folder where you can access all of your screenshot images. You can insert the images into your slide deck.

Note: You can only create screenshots for ten polls at a time.

Download screenshot 2


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