Introduction to Reporting

There are several different report types that can be created and saved in your Poll Everywhere account. Certain paid plans have access to all five different report types.

Report types

  • Executive summary: Visual big-picture overview. Shows engagement, total responses, and participants with a screenshot of each activity. Useful for determining ROI.
  • Responses by participant: One section per participant, one line per question. If a group of questions was used as a survey, use this report to view each participant’s responses in order.
  • Response pivot table: Full detail table with one row per response, perfect for exporting to Excel pivot tables. Useful for grouping, crosstabs, or computing sums and averages.
  • Participant response history: One section per participant, one line per response. Shows when and how each individual response was submitted.
  • Gradebook: Compact table with participants listed down the left and questions across the columns. Shows scores, participation, and attendance. Sort by rank to use as a leaderboard.

All of these report types can be printed, saved, or downloaded as a CSV file for further editing, calculations, or archiving in spreadsheet software like Excel.


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