Grade or score responses

The Grading feature allows you to visually display the correct answers when presenting. It also allows you to use the Gradebook report to grade individual performance across multiple questions. Note: Grading is only available for Multiple choice activities and Clickable image activities.

Setup grading during activity creation

To set the correct answer while creating your activity, click the checkmark for any correct answer(s). The system will automatically grade any incoming responses for the Gradebook report or to be displayed while presenting!

Grade or score responses

Adding grading later

If you need to make changes or want to enable grading after you create the question you can do so under the Edit icon.

Step 1: Create or select a multiple choice activity in your My Polls page.

Step 2: Click the Edit button located at the bottom right of the page.

Grade or score responses

Step 3: In the Edit screen, click the “Grade incoming responses” checkbox beneath the answer options.

Step 4: Click the checkbox under each correct answer then click the Save button near the bottom right.

Grade or score responses

All incoming responses will now be automatically graded. You may also display which answer is correct at the time of your choosing during the live presentation selecting the Toggle correctness icon on the activity display.

Grade or score responses


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