Show/hide activity title

If you do not want the title of an activity (i.e. the question portion) to appear on participants’ devices when they navigate to your page, and you are on a University-wide account, you can elect to hide it. The title will still appear on your presenter view, but will not appear on participants’ devices.

Hiding the title

To hide the activity title, select the activity on your Activities page. In the Configure menu on the right, select Response setting then select “Do not show activity title on participant devices”.

Show activity title 1

You can also change this setting on multiple activities via the Bulk edit tool. On the Activities page, select the activities you wish to hide the title on, then click the Edit button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click the “Hide activity title on participant devices” checkbox, select “Enabled”, then click the Apply button at the bottom.

Show activity title 2

When participants respond to an activity with a hidden title, whether on the web or via their mobile device, they will see a message telling them the Activity title is hidden.

Show activity title 3

Helpful tip: The hide/show title settings is not tied to any activity template you create.


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