Anonymous responses

Anonymous feedback can provide valuable insight and facilitate difficult or sensitive discussions. Anonymity allows participants to respond to your polls without ever revealing their identities to yourself or other participants, even if they are registered with your account.

There are two ways to allow your participants to respond while protecting their identities. The first is to not ask for participants to create screen names and to have the system auto-generate IDs. This method will protect the identities of those responding but still allow you to gather data for reporting purposes and correlate responses across multiple questions. The second method is to set up an activity to be completely anonymous. This also protects audience member’s identities, but also limits reporting options.

Hiding screen names

Use the following steps to keep participants screen names secret but still be able to track responses.

Helpful tip: If you don’t see this option it may be disabled by your account admin. The article on participant screen names describes the steps to activate this feature.

Log into your Poll Everywhere account, click your username in the upper right corner of your Activities page, then select My settings. Select the Poll settings tab and make sure “Do not ask participants to enter screen names…” is selected and click the Save button at the bottom.

Select account admin

Now, when you present your activities, participants screen names will not be displayed and you will be able to gather important response data for your reports.

Helpful tip: If a participant is registered with the account and logged in, then their name will still appear with their responses in the response history. If you wish for participants’ identities to be kept hidden, make sure you ask them to log out before responding to your activity.

Completely anonymous

If you don’t care about reporting you can set an activity responses to be completely anonymous.

Important note: Once an activity is made anonymous it cannot be undone!

Log in to your Activities page and selecting one of your activities. Click Configure, then select Audience restriction and identity. Under the heading “How do you want to identify participants?” select Completely anonymous.

Response Limits

Important note: Again, if you choose to make activities completely anonymous, you will not be able to correlate anonymous responses from individual participants across multiple activities. Anonymous activities have limited reporting options as they can only be viewed in the Executive Summary.


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