Change answer

Activities with the ‘Allow changes’ setting enabled will allow participants to undo and re-submit their responses. This setting is available on all activity types except Q&A and is enabled by default when you create a new question.

To customize this setting, once you create an activity, select Configure, then click Response settings. Under Change answer will be the options ‘Allow changes’ or ‘Do not allow changes.’

Change answers

If the Allow changes is enabled, participants responding via the web or the Poll Everywhere mobile app will be able to undo their responses using the 'Clear last response’ icon on the response page.

Change answers

Note: This icon will only be visible if ‘Change answer’ is enabled for the activity and if the participant has already submitted a response.

Participants responding via text can send the word ‘clear’ or ‘undo’ to clear their last response before submitting a new one.


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