Competition settings

To change the response settings of a competition, open up a Competition activity. To the right of the competition slide you will see the Competition settings menu.

Competition settings

Restrict participants will require participants to sign in and formally register with your presenter account before responding

Helpful tip: We recommend you use the Screen name feature with competitions to identify participants.

Allow changing answers will let participants clear their response to a question and submit a new one.

Timed responses places a limit on how much time participants have to answer each question. The time limit starts at five seconds and increases dynamically based on the length of the question to ensure participants have enough time to read it fully. Participants scores decrease the longer they take to answer the question.

If you don’t want to put a time limit on responses, tap the toggle to turn it off.

Helpful tip: When using the timer feature, each question starts with a value of 1000 points and decreases as time passes. The longer participants take to answer a question, the fewer points they'll earn. When the timer is not used, responses will be worth a flat 1000 points and scored solely on correctness.


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