Locking and unlocking activities

If you have an active poll you can stop accepting responses by either deactivating or locking it. Deactivating a poll means participants will not be able to see the activity on your presenter page. Locking an active poll allows the audience to see the poll on your presenter page but prevents them from responding until you unlock it.

Locking & unlocking an activity

Multiple questions & surveys

To lock or unlock multiple questions or surveys, place a checkmark next to the questions on your Polls page you wish to lock/unlock, then click the Lock (or Unlock) button in the action buttons menu near the top of the page.

Locking and unlocking

Individual activities

Lock or unlock an individual activity by clicking the Lock icon in the activity slide tools to the right.

Locking and unlocking

To remove the activity from your presenter page, click the Activate icon on your MyPolls page to deactivate the question.

Schedule a time to lock or unlock activity

You can schedule a specific time for an activity to lock and unlock automatically. The Schedule lock/unlock feature is found in the Configure menu of each activity.

Select an activity on your My Polls page. Next, click the Configure tab if it’s not already selected, then click Schedule lock/unlock times from the menu. You can choose from the default options or choose a custom date and time.

Locking and unlocking


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