Testing your activity

We highly recommend testing your activities before presenting in front of a live audience. You should try responding from different types of devices, utilizing all of the response methods you have set on your activity. Since we know that is not always possible, we’ve made a handy tool to help.

Testing a question

Open a single question from your Activities page and click the activation icon to activate the question. Next, select the ‘2. Test’ tab on the Configure menu. Here you will have one or two options for testing the activity depending on the type of activity you’ve selected.


The Web response view simulates how a participant would interact with an activity on a web enabled device. All activity types can be responded to via the web.

Testing your poll: Wev

Text message

If the activity is a multiple choice poll or open-ended question, the Text message view will be available. This feature allows you to test how participants would reply to a question via SMS text messaging. Note:Text messaging is available only for multiple choice polls and open-ended questions.

Testing your poll: Text message

Note: A question must be active to use the testing tool. The tool will tell you if the question is not activated. Click the activation icon on the activity slide to activate the poll and use the testing tool.

Testing a survey

The ‘2. Test’ tab on a survey will be a bit different. A survey can be tested from the Audience device view on the activity page. The test tab of a survey will provide you with links and tools for your survey, and allow you to simulate responses to test your Presentation view.

Survey Configure 2. Test


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