Website & Poll Everywhere mobile app

The easiest way to respond to a Poll Everywhere poll or survey is on the web. When you enable website responses to your poll, the audience responds on your response page, either by web browser or through the mobile app. Every type of poll and survey offered by Poll Everywhere can receive web responses.

Helpful tip: The mobile app is not necessary to respond, but it can be indispensable if people participate frequently in your presentations, such as in an ongoing class. The mobile app is free in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We highly recommend that most presenters enable web responses for all polls. The web is the most universally available and reliable method for responding. This is especially true for presenters with international audiences. Text messages have regional limitations, but the World Wide Web is everywhere.

Your custom response page

When you create a Poll Everywhere profile you will be given a username. Your username will be displayed on the navigation bar when you are logged into, and it will be displayed in the instructions of your activity slides.

Your original username will be your first name and last name and a 3 digit number, truncated to a max of 15 characters. For example, if John Smith signs up for an account, his username might default to ‘johnsmith456’

Paid feature: Free accounts do not offer username customization, but presenters on certain paid plans can change their username at any time. Use the Personal Settings page to change a username.

Your participants can join your Presenter Session on the web by visiting your custom response page. Instruct participants to type the URL of the response page into the address bar of a browser to join the Presenter Session. The response page is dynamic, and it’s designed to work with any browser on any web-enabled device.

Participants who use the Poll Everywhere mobile app should select Participant on the start screen, and then join the session by entering the presenter’s username into the ‘Join a presentation’ field.

Your response page will always display the active poll or survey. When you activate the next activity your response page will update in real time. There is no need for participants to refresh the page. They simply respond to the next active question when it appears on their screen.

Paid feature: If you are interested in a custom web design to style your personal response page, please reach out to our sales team.


Responding to Poll Everywhere polls on the web is very intuitive. Here is an overview of how participants will respond to the different poll types on the web.

Multiple choice poll: Participants click or tap a response option to select it as their response. The participant will see the chosen response option briefly highlighted on the page, and then the results will appear on the presenter’s poll chart. If the poll allows more than one response, the response counters to the left of the response options will show the participant how many of a single option they have selected.

Web response page multiple choice poll

Open-ended question: Participants enter a response in the text field and hit ‘Submit’. Each participant will then see her personal responses listed below the submit button. Responses will appear on the presentation screen in whatever style the presenter has chosen.

Web response page open ended poll

Helpful tip: Open-ended questions will only show the responses submitted from a single device or participant on the response page. You cannot show responses from all participants on the response page of an open ended poll.

Q&A activity: The participant enters a response, then taps the submit button. As other audience members respond the participant can see their responses on the response page by selecting “Load responses” and using the New or Top tabs. The participant can submit a single up- or downvote for each response.

Web response page upvote downvote poll

Helpful tip: Upvotes and downvotes are not considered responses. They are not impacted by your response settings, and they do not count against the maximum number of responses per poll.

Rank order: The response options will be randomized on the response page. The participant reorders the response options by dragging and dropping them into place, then taps ‘Submit’ to submit the ranking as a response. Rank order questions only allow one response per participant.

Web response page ranking poll

Clickable image:: The participant clicks or taps wherever they wish on the provided image. They will see a pin marking their tap on the response page.

Web response page clickable image poll

If a participant submits the maximum number responses allowed, or if the poll reaches its response limit, or if the poll is locked, the image appears greyed-out on the response page and does not allow the participant to respond.*


Responding to surveys on the web is just like responding to a series of Poll Everywhere questions or activities. When a survey is active, the participant sees a cover page that provides basic info about the survey. The participant taps the start button in the center of the screen, responds to the questions, and then submits the survey.

Website responses with Keywords

If the presenter is using Keywords mode with web responses enabled, the audience can respond at, or in the Keyword field before joining a session on the Poll Everywhere mobile app.

Multiple choice poll: Participants enter the keyword of the response option in the Keyword field at and click ‘Submit’.

Open-ended question Participants enter the poll’s keyword followed by a response in the Keyword field and click ‘Submit’.


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