Sharing live results

Sometimes you might want people to be able to follow the results of an activity as they update. Perhaps you’ve run a poll among your friends asking their opinion on who will win the next big game. Or maybe you’re running an asynchronous training event and want participants to be able to follow the responses of their peers.

Each activity has a unique URL that can be shared to allow people to see an activity’s live results.

Open an activity and select the Present tab, then click the Share link to expand that menu. The third item in the Share menu is the Live results feature. You can use the quick access tools to share your activity’s live results by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Alternately, you can copy the URL directly from your internet browser’s address bar to send the live results to your audience.

Live link to your poll

Since participants are not logged into your account, they will not be able to access your activity setup page. Instead, they will see a full page view of the activity results slide.

Live link to your poll audience view

Helpful Tip: The Live results link will show your activity results slide as you see it on your account. This is a live feed, not a static slide. If you change it’s appearance (e.g. toggle any poll tools or update the slide), your participants will see those changes as well.


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