Embed a response page with HTML

More advanced presenters may want to embed their response page into a webpage, email, blog, or LMS.

You can embed your response page using an iframe into any medium that accepts HTML. The following HTML code is a basic example of a full page iframe for https://pollev.com.

                <!DOCTYPE html>
<html height="100%">
<iframe src="https://pollev.com"
width="100%" height="1600px"

You can use an iframe to embed your pollev.com/your_username response page to show your active poll or survey, or you can use a shareable response link to direct your participants to a single activity.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML or iframes, you can find more information at W3schools.

Apple Safari and iframes: The pollev.com site relies on cookies to track the responses of participants. By default, Apple’s Safari browser limits cookie writes to pages navigated to directly. This means most Apple devices will not receive the cookie through the iframe unless they have a history of visiting pollev.com on their device. These participants without the cookie will be able to respond to most activities via the iframe, but each individual activity they respond to will look like a response from a different participant. Single page surveys will work, but multi-page surveys will not work at all. This can create an issue with reporting and gradebook functions. If a registered participant with an Apple device tries to log in via the iframe without a cookie they will be greeted by a warning to enable cookies.


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