Screen Recording permissions

Not comfortable giving out these permissions? We assure you that no screen recording is actually occurring. Still not convinced? Check out Force Monitor functionality instead.

Apple introduced a new set of privacy protections starting with macOS Catalina (10.15). One of these is a permission called “Screen Recording.” Any app that makes use of content that’s on your screen now explicitly needs your permission.

The Poll Everywhere app does not record your screen. It examines what’s on screen to ensure that activities display properly during a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation. The data is not saved or sent anywhere.

Please allow screen recording permissions for Poll Everywhere to work properly. To do this, follow the steps below. Note that you will need the password for an administrator account in order to set these permissions.

  1. Quit the Poll Everywhere app if it’s running.

  2. In your System Preferences, open the “Security & Privacy” pane.

    Security and privacy pane in system preferences

  3. Switch to the “Privacy” tab.

    Privacy tab in security and privacy pane

  4. Note the lock icon on the bottom left of the pane. If it’s showing locked, click it once to unlock it, to be able to make changes to permissions. You will need to enter the password of an administrator at this step. If it’s already unlocked, click it once to lock it and once more to unlock it again. We’ve noticed that sometimes changes made while the pane is already unlocked don’t take effect, so we’d like to be sure this works.

    Lock on security and privacy pane

  5. From the list of permissions on the left side of the pane find and click on “Screen Recording.”

  6. On the right you should see a list of applications that have requested this permission. Check the box next to “Poll Everywhere”. If it’s already checked, uncheck it and check it again.

    Apps with screen recording permission

  7. If desired, click the lock icon on the bottom left to prevent further changes.

  8. Close System Preferences.

  9. Launch the Poll Everywhere app.

If you continue to have trouble please gather your logs and contact support.


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