Activities spilling off the presentation screen

If your activities are oversized, offset, off screen, or zoomed in presentation mode you might be able to resolve it by adjusting the DPI settings on your computer. This is done a bit differently in Windows 7/8 and Windows 10.

Win 7/8

Step 1: Right click any empty space of your desktop and select Personalize from menu.

Change DPI Step 1

Step 2: Click the Display link near the bottom left of the Personalization window.

Change DPI Step 2

Step 3: Make sure Smaller - 100% (default) is selected. If a change was required, click the Apply button in the bottom right.

Change DPI Step 2

Step 4: Log out of windows then log back in and try the presentation again.

Win 10

Microsoft is continously changing the location of the DPI settings, and how the DPI feature works. It is hard to keep up. To avoid problems, try to set all scales to 100%.

Step 1: Type “display settings” into the Windows search box.

Change DPI Step 1

Step 2: Select Change display settings from the menu.

Change DPI Step 2

Step 3: Scroll down the right side of the Display window until you see Change the size of text, apps, and other items. Using the drop down menu, select 100% then close the Display window.

Change DPI Step 3a

Step 4 Under the drop down there is a hyper link that will take you to advance settings. It might say, “Custom Settings” or “Advanced scale settings”. Click on the hyper link.

Change DPI Step 4

Step 5 Click inside of the Custom Scaling text input, type 100. This will prompt you to logout of Windows. Log back in and try the presentation again.

Change DPI Step 5

Step 6 If you continue to have issues: 1. Go back to Display Settings. 1. Type dpi in the search box. 1. Select the option “Make everything bigger”. 1. Confirm that all the scale is set too 100%, and the “Sample Text” is at the lowest value.

Change DPI Step 6

If you continue to have trouble please gather your logs and contact support.


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