Windows Powerpoint add-ins Read-Only and Protected view errors

If the Poll Everywhere app for Windows PowerPoint does not work as expected, the cause may be related to file permissions. Features like presenting a Poll Everywhere activity are turned off when a presentation is in read-only or protected mode. It might be necessary to manually modify the file’s permissions or trust the file differently to present your activities.

Read-Only Presentation

When PowerPoint opens a read-only file it will not allow modifications to the file until read-only flags are removed.

Step 1. Click File > Info

Step 2. Review the Presentations status.

Step 3. Right-click File > Properties

Step 4. Uncheck read-only.

Protected Presentation

When a PowerPoint file is downloaded from the Internet it is opened in protected mode until the user decides to trust and edit it.

Step 1. Click File > Options

Step 2. Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View

Step 3. Uncheck Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet.

In some cases moving the file to a trusted location like the Desktop can cause PowerPoint to trust the file.


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