Activity not accepting text messages responses

There may be a few reasons why an activity doesn’t accept text message responses. Firstly, it is important to remember that only Multiple Choice, Word Clouds, and Open Ended activities can accept text message responses. If you have any other activity type or a survey then text responses will not work.

If you’ve made sure the activity type is one which should receive text responses, then there are some other things you can check.


Make sure that your poll is Active and Unlocked. You can determine this in two ways:

1) When the activity is active, the instructions text on the slide will say “Respond at.…” If the activity is inactive the text will say, "When poll is active, respond at….”

2) The Activate icon on the right is blue instead of grey.


Maximum number of responses

Has the activity reached the maximum number of responses allowed? If so, you will need to either clear the responses to your question or purchase a higher vote plan.


Is the moderation feature active and preventing responses? If this is an Open-ended or Word cloud activity, make sure that the moderation feature is not accidentally enabled.

Correct number

Make sure you have the proper country’s phone number displayed for texting. You can change your text message coverage area by visiting the International text messaging page.

Poll Everywhere status

If all those settings are correct, you can visit [] to make sure Poll Everywhere is operating normally.

If all your settings appear correct, and the status page indicates Poll Everywhere is operating normally, but your activity still isn’t accepting text responses please contact Customer Support.


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