Participants cannot self-register

If your participants are unable to register for your presentation, then your account may have the self-registration feature disabled.

This is usually the case for university-wide accounts which have integrated their LMS with Poll Everywhere. This ensures students are responding with the proper participant account.

If a participant attempts to respond without registering they will see the following screen:

Not registered

When the self-registration feature is disabled, presenters will need to pre-register their participants for them to respond. This can be done either by importing your class list from your institution’s LMS, or by uploading a spreadsheet of participants.

Connecting to an LMS

Instructors can import their course rosters from their school’s LMS into Poll Everywhere. This automatically registers each student as a Poll Everywhere participant. The following articles provide step by step instructions.

Importing participants from a spreadsheet

For corporate clients who have elected to disable the self-registration feature, you can pre-register participants by importing a list from a spreadsheet.

Log into your Poll Everywhere account, select the Participants tab, then click the Add participant button in the top left. In the pop-up window, click the Import button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Add participants


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