Supported browsers

For a better site experience, encryption, and privacy support, Poll Everywhere strongly recommends using the latest version of the internet browsers listed below.

Older browser versions, or browsers not included in this list, may prevent you from accessing Poll Everywhere or cause certain features to not function correctly.

Poll Everywhere supports the following internet browsers:

  • Chrome (version 79 or later)
  • Safari (version 13 or later)
  • Firefox (version 78 or later)
  • Edge (version 81 or later)

If you are using the listed or updated version of a supported browser and Poll Everywhere does not work as expected, try the following:

  • Check to see if your internet browser needs updating
  • Use a different browser (in its latest version) as a temporary workaround
  • Contact customer support and include the version of the internet browser you are using


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