Branded response page

Certain accounts are able to customize the appearance of their activity response page. The Branded response page allows you to personalize the branding of your page. You can edit the color of the various page elements, change the text on the wait screen, and even replace the PollEverywhere logo on the wait screen with your own.

Finding the Branded response page

Step 1: Click your current username in the upper right corner of your Activities page, then select My settings.

Select settings image

Step 2: Select Branded response page in the settings menu on the left.

Customise response page

The Branded response page has two tabs: Colors and Content.

Colors and content tabs

Colors tab

The colors tab allows you to customize many elements of your response page.

Helpful Tip: If a section is grayed out, that means that area of the selected screen is not available for customization. For example, if the Wait screen is selected in the Screen preview, the button customization areas are grayed out because the wait screen doesn’t have any buttons.

Screen preview

The screen preview dropdown list allows you to specify which screen you want to customize. You can select the wait screen or any of the activity types (e.g. Multiple choice, Q&A, etc.)

Select settings image Select settings image

Switch to RGBA/HEX

Near the bottom of the page is a button which lets you choose which color code format you want to use.

Select settings image Select settings image

Reset to default

Always handy, the Reset to default button near the bottom of the page will revert all your color selections back to the Poll Everywhere defaults.

Content tab

Content tab

The content tab allows you to upload a custom logo, change the wait screen title, and even customize the content of the description.

Note: Changing the logo here only affects the wait screen, not your activities.

Applying changes account-wide

If you are an account owner or admin, you will see a setting to Apply to all subusers at the bottom of both the Colors and Content tabs. If you select that box, the changes you make on this screen will become the new default for all subusers on the account.

Helpful tip: Checking this box will simply make your changes the default settings. Individual users can still customize their own sub-accounts.

If you would like more customized branding, please reach out to our sales team.


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