Customize your username and the URL of your response page

The easiest way for your audience to respond to a Poll Everywhere poll is on your page. The audience visits your presenter page from any browser and responds to the polls as you activate them. Because it works with any browser, this response option is recommended for international audiences who may not have appropriate texting and long distance plans.

Generating a new username

Usernames are auto-generated based on the First name and Last name fields when an account is created. However, there is an option to generate a new username. You can generate alternative usernames by following these steps:

Step 1: On the Home page, click on your current username in the top right corner of the page to open a drop down.

Generate username: Step 1

Step 2: Select the My settings option.

Generate username: Step 2

Step 3: Click the Generate button next to your current username. A list of available usernames based on your name will display below.

Generate username: Step 3

Helpful tip: The first three generated usernames are based on the first and last names associated with the account, you can change your name on your account to currate the generated username options._

Generate username: Step 4

Step 4: Click the desired username to use it. The following message displays to confirm your choice.

Generate username: Step 5

Custom username

On certain paid plans, you can customize your page from the Settings page in your Activities. In the box after ‘’ type in the word you would like to use as your voting page. This word will also be your username. Many presenters choose usernames that are concise and relevant to their presentation. If it is available, it will be your username and voting page for as long as you have an account, or until you choose to change it.

Customize username

For example, if Darth Vader were setting up his own voting page, he would type ‘darthvader’ in the box after, and his audience would respond to his polls by visiting

Helpful tip: Your username must be between 4-15 alphanumeric characters. It is not case sensitive.

When you activate a poll, your page automatically updates to show the poll that you activated. If the audience sees a picture of a piece of pie when they visit your page, it means you have not yet activated your poll.


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