Poll settings

The Poll settings tab of the My settings page gives you control over several handy features. Through this portal you can do things like create a template, determine how long you want polls to stay active, and even change the language of activity instructions. The full list and explanations follow.

Select Poll settings

Template Poll

If you find yourself using the same visual settings for many activities, you might consider creating a template poll. Check out the Template poll article for instructions on setting a template.

Activation time

By default, questions will remain active for one day after you activate them unless you deactivate the poll manually. You can adjust this using the drop down menu on the Poll settings page. Visit the Activation time article for more information.

Activation time

Participant screen names

You can elect to require participants to enter a screen name or use auto-generated IDs. For more information on this feature, visit the Screen names article in this section.

Screen names

Correct response visibility

This setting determines when participants will be able to see answer correctness in their response histories.

Response visibility

Participant counter

You can choose to turn off the red counter which appears next to the Participants tab at the top of your screen if you wish.

Hide participant count

Language selection

You can set the language of activity instructions to ensure your audience will understand how to respond to your polls. For more information on this feature, read the Language setting for instructions article.

Hide participant count


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